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The drunken Delta Airlines passenger who opened the emergency exit door on Delta Airlines Flight DL383 from New York to Guyana has been charged by local authorities.However, up to press time, no positive confirmation had been made as to the exact charges laid against him.Relating the entire episode that occurred on the plane, a passenger told Kaieteur News that the man had started consuming alcohol even before he boarded the plane at JFK.Recalling the incident, the passenger said that the man, who was in the first class cabin, continued his drinking spree even as he boarded the flight.As he was served with his drinks in-flight, the man threw his empty bottles over his head, behind him, and onto passengers who were sitting behind him. As if this was not enough,Nike Shox Outlet Clearance, the flight attendants continued serving him drinks.At approximately 04:00 hours, the alcohol apparently began to get the better of him; and in a stentorian, voice he began to give fellow passengers his rendition of ‘Oh Beautiful Guyana’ and proceeded into ‘Oh Guyana, Oh Guyana.’Soon afterwards he fell asleep, and the cabin crew served the passengers breakfast.The man was apparently sleeping with his feet up in the air, resting on the other seat in front of him.A tourist who was seated next to him, the passenger recalled, seemed to have been scared of upsetting the imbibed man, and ate his breakfast from under the sleeping man’s raised feet. The drunken man’s breakfast was left for him, so that he could eat when he woke up.After the other passengers had eaten and the cabin crew had cleared away the other passengers’ trays and other remnants of breakfast, the apparently still drunken man awoke. Seeing his breakfast there,Air Max Scontate Uomo, he began to eat.However, upon noticing that he was the only one eating,Cheap Manchester City Soccer Jerseys, he suddenly stopped and began to verbally abuse the cabin crew, saying that it was starkly unfair that he was served breakfast while his fellow passengers were not allowed to eat.After much assurance that everyone else had already eaten, the man stopped his ramblings and had breakfast.The flight landed at CBJ International Airport, Timehri, and the cabin crew disarmed the middle and aft doors of the aircraft,Womens Nike Shox Clearance, leaving the forward door locked.The drunken man, who was sitting in a first class seat, stood up and wondered aloud why he had to wait, as he had paid a lot of money for his first class ticket.Within seconds, he picked up his bags and proceeded to the locked and armed door in the first class cabin, and opened it. “All of this happened in a matter of seconds,” the passenger recalled.The emergency slide inflated and the man proceeded to slide down with his bags,Maglia Juventus Originale 2019, and walk into the terminal of the CBJ Airport. The man was then apprehended by local authorities in the terminal.This prompted many passengers to voice their concerns.One man, who travels regularly to the United States, expressed his concern as to why a visibly intoxicated man was continuously served with alcohol.“I mean, logically, if a man drunk, why you gon still give he more to drink?” the man asked.The incident resulted in the aircraft being grounded for 24 hours. Delta made its maiden flight to Guyana on June 1, 2008.Apart from this latest incident,Cheap Adidas Nmd Australia, Delta Airlines has had two major delays over the past week.On July 1 and July 2, the airlines had two setbacks that saw flights leaving Cheddi Jagan International Airport some two hours behind schedule.Junior Horatio,Cheap Air Max USA, of Delta’s local office in Georgetown, confirmed that there was indeed a delay on July 1, and again on July 2.Kaieteur News was told that many persons who had connecting flights from New York missed those flights.Among them was Guyana’s Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, who was on his way to London for an official meeting.Persaud was placed on another flight, but, according to sources, chose to return to Guyana since he would not have made it in time to make a proper contribution to the meeting.

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